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You lead a busy life
no wonder your energy gets drained.

In just a few seconds you can finally measure, and track, your fatigue and its origins.
And you are no longer alone in this: Okaya will give you simple suggestions and, if you’d like, links to experts who can help you recharge.

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Securely use your wellbeing information to make better decisions and transform yourself daily.


Track your power level


All your wellness data in one, secured, place.


Data analysis to find out what affects you the most.

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Personalized Fatigue Management

Fatigue can come from so many sources, don't settle for generic.

I have many responsibilities. I care about my wellbeing but don’t seem to have enough time for it.

I can’t wait to start leading a healthier life but there are too many options and my budget is limited.

It seems that my days never end; how can I find professionals who can help me given my crazy schedule?