Well-being Analytics for Smarter Operations.

Leverage thousands of data points to understand how someone’s unique well-being situation impacts outcomes.

How can wellbeing analysis serve you?

Real-time monitoring

Understand risk factors and proactively support your team. 

Optimize ROI

Improve your operations without adding to your workload.


Enhanced privacy & compliance

Our platform follows Hipaa, GDPR, and Firpa directives.

Science driven

Detect mood and fatigue

Using machine learning, automatic natural language processing (voice), and vetted scientific tests to better understand and predict humans’ well-being patterns.

Secured end-user app

Users can store all their well-being data in one secure location and decide what to share and with whom. 


Understand your team

  • Visualize your group’s trends and progress.
  • Get real-time alerts about at-risk team members.
  • Adapt your strategies and trigger actions automatically.
  • And more…

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