Time is the only thing you can never get back

Don't let time slip away
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Fear not, I am not going to write about Endgame and spoil the movie for the 3 people on earth who have not seen it yet! Rather let’s focus on why understanding how we manage our time can make a tremendous impact on our businesses. Whether we are wellbeing professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, or doctors, our time is our most precious commodity.

It’s likely that you have some sort of a calendar to keep track of your appointments. That’s an awesome step 1. However, I would encourage you to take it a step further and record everything you do during the day. Things such as preparing the school-lunches, going to the gym, doing you taxes…
Why be so tedious and process oriented?

Find out what syphons your time

One of our wellbeing professionals told us she was spending well over 10 hours a week on patient follow-up. That is a huge amount of time for her and she is not an exception.
As you keep track of your schedule you will quickly see which activities require your outmost attention.

Learn to delegate

Now, looking at all these items on your list; Do you have to do everything by yourself or could someone else do it? If you are running a company, especially a startup, and are in a position to hire someone, this is a great way to figure out the right person to hire next.

Find opportunities

Going back to our pro who is spending a lot of time on follow-ups. Is there an opportunity for her to convert this time into a new revenue stream? Possibly. Maybe she could charge her patient more or start pushing some online courses.
The possibilities are endless but to unearth them you must figure out how your time is spent to begin with.
Of course, there are some items that cannot easily be turned into opportunities…then again, maybe there is a space for a healthy lunch-box prep company…says the dad who spends too much time thinking and preparing his daughters’ lunch every day!


Ok, so now you know that you spend x hours a week on a specific task. Is it really the time required to accomplish this task or are you lollygagging along the way? Track your time and try to improve. Let’s say you write a blog or create content. Is the extra amount of time spent on creating that content yielding any extra benefits for you?

Stay sane

It may seem counter-intuitive that seeing tons of entries on a calendar will help you relax but oddly enough, it can. Once you know how much time you need every week, you can become a lot stingier in taking appointments and avoiding stretching yourself too thin. Maybe you can even use this time to get more sleep!



Which tools should you use to keep track of your time?

I am sure there is an app for that! On my end I simply put it in my Google calendar so I can quickly revisit it. It also helps me block my time in advance and improve scheduling.
I’ve seen people use an old fashion agenda or moleskin (this one is my favorite one ). Whatever is simple for you, no need to go high-tech on this one!

Can people help you be more time efficient?

Yes, there are people out there who can help you develop better scheduling habits so you can reach your goals faster. We have some of these pros on Okaya but if you want to look on your own, your best bet is to look for Life Coaches. And remember, this is a great example of a group where you can find people who can help you regardless of location. That’s the beauty of the internet!

Time tracking will help you. If you run a team or a company, you may also want to ask your team to use and share their results with everyone. Time is very precious, and we never know when we’ll run out of it.
Be demanding of how you spend your time. Your life will thank you!

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