Mental Health

When you use the Okaya’s API, you harness the power of AI to assess people’s mental health in under 20 seconds just by paying attention to their voice and face.

Transform Mental Health Solutions with Okaya’s API

Harness the power of AI to assess mental health in under 20 seconds. With just a line of code, developers can integrate our API, leveraging advanced facial and voice recognition technology.

Gain insights into users’ mental well-being, enabling personalized support and interventions. Okaya’s API empowers you to make a significant impact on mental health, while ensuring privacy compliance and accurate results. Join us in the mental health tech revolution and create solutions that enhance lives.

Why use the Okaya API?

Privacy By Default

Okaya is built around respecting people’s rights to privacy. We are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. And users are anonymous by default.

Accuracy Focus

Our goal is to deliver accurate and precise results. To do so we constantly run studies and IRB backed research.

Built For You

We worry about assessments, security, and quality so you can focus on building solutions that will transform mental health.

Humans First

We believe technology is here to support humans (not the other way around!)

Powered by Okaya

Smarter Patients' Monitoring

Medical professionals leverage Okaya to better monitor, support, and triage their patients based on real-time mental health assessments. Remote monitoring enables better care without increasing the staff’s workload.

Improving Athletes' Performances

At the highest level of competition, mental health is often the X-factor. Coaches leverage Okaya to help athletes understand their mental health state and gain an edge on the competition.

Assisting First Responders

Peer-support teams accross the United States use Okaya to better support their crews’ mental healh. The API is used to detect, educate, and support first responders in their mental health journey.

Designed for developers

Get started in just one line of code

We are looking forward to seeing how you use Okaya to transform Mental Health. You can start making a difference in your users’ lives in just minutes. You do not need to sign-up to access the docs and code samples!


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