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A problem without a solution is a poorly stated problem.. – Albert Einstein

We often complain of being tired but do not take the initiative to feel better. What would happen if we traded in some of our bad habits for our own good?

Fatigue is not incurable, far from it despite all the trends we see in many industries across the world.  Not to mention that fatigue increases your chances of getting sick, having hyper tension, diabetes, being in a bad mood, gaining weight, etc… so the incentives to get better and make fatigue a thing of the past are quite high!.

Studies show that French people are not in good shape.  Ipsos (the national survey institute) finds that 61% of French people have felt fatigued in the last 18 months.
But the French are not the only ones; for example in the USA, 76% of employees report being tired on most days of the week.

Several factors seem to contribute to fatigue:

  • Weather
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Pace of life
  • Work pressure


It’s easy to joke about the fact that people know what makes them tired yet, no one is finding a solution to their current situation.  Knowing is one thing, acting is another so it is time to walk the walk.

Here are some tips you can use to change your life. It all starts with taking charge.  Happy reading.


The Key: Stop doing like everyone else and adopt good habits. You will get a better lifestyle. Ready?

  1. Aim for a healthy diet. If you want to get more info about this topic, check-out this article for tips about the foods you should eat to boost your energy. You may consider dietary supplements such as vitamin or zinc capsules.
  2. Limit screen-time. Turn off your tv (at least) 2 hours before going to bed. It will help you fall asleep. Take a book, spend time with your family or take moment to meditate (without the laptop).
  3. Don’t drink too much coffee. It can have negative effects on your sleep and/or mental balance. If you can’t help drinking coffee, cut yourself off after 5 pm, so your body has time to evacuate it before bedtime.
  4. Set a sleeping schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night will help your brain structure your sleep. If you need to have a sleep tracking device, read out this blog !
  5. During the day, a bit of music will not hurt you, quite the contrary. It is important to stimulate your senses throughout the day to keep you awake. Moreover, it will bring you positive energy and motivation, so enjoy!
  6. Do some exercise (jogging, walking, yoga or meditation ..) Make you body and your mind work ! Forget the elevator and take the stairs. And if you work in office, make sure you regularly walk and stretchout. (Track the exercise you do with the FITBIT WATCH)
  7. Fatigue is often the by-product of poor sleep.  Try micro-naps after the lunch. But be careful, do not exceed 20 minutes or you will feel like having a hangover.
    Alternatively, take short breaks to clear your mind. It will have awaken your brain and make you feel better; you get to start again with a clear slate!

And for the brave ones: the cold shower! According to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, taking a cold shower before going to sleep will help you get a better and faster sleep.

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