Okaya - API - Documentation

Thank you for stopping by!  We’re looking forward to seeing how you use Okaya to transform Mental Health.


Admin account

Make sure you create your free user account as most of the API’s functionalities will require a user key.

API Authentication Tips

When testing the API from swagger, make sure you click on the “Authorize” button (towards the top left) and enter your user key.


How to get help?

You can contact us directly from your admin dashboard.  

Error Handling

Error response object

Errors happen!  When we capture an error or cannot process a particular request we will return an error object that contains as much information as possible about the issue we ran into.

    “description”: {
        “2022-01-27T17:30:30.7384022+00:00”: “Cred: test@wrongpassword.com”,
        “2022-01-27T17:30:30.9504826+00:00”“Invalid credentials”