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This current epidemic presents us with novel challenges, that will only increase as more closures become necessary.

The current epidemic

This current epidemic presents us with novel challenges, that will only increase as more closures become necessary.

Foremost of these challenges, is the fact that the physical connection is lost, which means that it will be difficult to accurately assess those who are in need help and support.
Most people have been taught to be strong and hide their feelings in the face of adversity. When they find themselves in isolation, they are less likely to ask for help, which can be the start of a downward spiral into hardship.

The consequences on their personal lives can be dire and so can the impact be on your company.

Designed to optimize remote teams’ well-being


Based on how they are doing, we can connect someone in need with the right wellbeing professional to help them.


Okaya’s technology is built around biometrics, video, voice, and external data analysis.


See your team’s trends, understand trouble areas, and react faster to make the moves that benefit your company without jeopardizing your team.



By default your team members are anonymous to protect their privacy and security (hint: they can share more if they want to).

Selfie video app

All it takes is a 15 seconds video check-in for Okaya to deliver insights about your team.


We can help you run Okaya with your favorite HRIS or communication tools!

We’re ready to help you and your team

Okaya simplifies how you stay in touch with your team to make sure they are doing well mentally and physically, especially now that social distancing has made isolation more prevalent.

How we help:
• After setting up your account (which takes less than 5 minutes) you can deploy Okaya with all your team members.
• We will help them track their wellbeing levels. All they have to do is take a 15 second video selfie to check in with you. (we’ll have even simpler ways soon!)
• Based on the information they decide to share (privacy is our first concern), we can either alert you of individual issues or give you overall trends.
• We can also put them in touch with our existing network of wellbeing experts or, if you have your own, we can facilitate how information is shared between groups.

This is the right time to act, let’s work together to help your team succeed.

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