Wellbeing intelligence

To build better teams

Use data to better interact with your team

Do you know how your employees’ wellbeing impacts your organization?

Yearly cost of a disengaged employee

months of salary to replace an employee

(priceless!) Cost of being seen as a bad place to work for

Don’t be the manager who is the last one to find out about a problem.
The consequences on your operations can be disastrous. 
Okaya is here to help you!

The opportunity to transform

Covid is presenting HR Leaders with a series of operational and human challenges. 

You need to keep your teams healthy while being very mindful of their overall morale and engagement.

But let’s be honest.  Covid-19 is also showing us that we need to put better systems in place. 

Systems that support humans (not the other way around) and help your team and your organization strive.

Cutting edge tech for your team

We believe that technology should serve humans.

When your team uses Okaya we help them monitor their fatigue levels and undertsand how their daily activities impact their lives.

They can “check-in” in 15 seconds and also securely answer other questions you may have to ask them.


Trust is a 2-way street.  We help you understand your team better so you give them more personalized recommendations and create a stronger bond.


Okaya’s technology is built around biometrics, video, voice, and external data analysis.


Privacy and Compliance

By default your team members are anonymous to protect their privacy and security (hint: they can share more if they want to).  Okaya focuses on protecting people’s privacy and security by following Hipaa and GDPR regulations.

Selfie video app

All it takes is a 15 seconds video check-in for Okaya to deliver insights about your team.

Smart tools for smart managers

It’s not realistic to expect you to analyse, track, and help all your employees, all the time.

When you use Okaya, we become your virtual assistant manager…or automated Happiness Officer! 

By automating reminders, analyzing incoming data, and checking for warning signs, we let you focus on what matters: Outcomes.

Build a better organization, we’ll help you run it.


Automated Alerts

We automatically keep an eye on your staff’s wellbeing. Then when we needed we alert you (via different channel) and keep on reaching out to you until you have received the information.  

Security and data management

Okaya’s technology is Hipaa and GDPR compliant.  We also make sure that you only store the relevant data to lower your level of exposure.  Finally, we keep a separate audit trail to monitor how people access your staff’s data.


See your team’s trends, understand trouble areas, and react faster to make the moves that benefit your organization without jeopardizing your team.


Our case management system helps you track that you were diligent in addressing potential issues.


You already have invested a lot in your IT systems. Okaya is not meant to be an additional burden on your staff. We can integrate with existing HRIS/Timetracking systems or other platforms you use.

Want to help your team right now?
Check out our white paper on the impact of fatigue and burnout on your business.