How do I connect my Health Kit to Okaya?

Last updated: July 15th, 2020

If you already are using your phone to record wellbeing information, you do not have to duplicate the data, simply link your Apple Health or Google Fit apps to Okaya.

Important: We only read data from these apps and do not add to them. You can also discontinue data linking at any time.

Once you install Okaya, click on Info and check to see if the HealthKit connection is on.  If so, go to Step 3 to make sure everything is setup properly.
If the feature is off, turn it on.
Select your operating system.


 Example on iOS:

Step 1


Once you start the Health App. Make sure that Browse is selected.

Click on the Profile icon.

Step 2


Select Apps.

Step 3


All the apps that can write and read to Health Kit will be listed here.

Select Okaya.

Step 4


Then make sure that all the options are enabled so we can use this information.

Note that we only read your data when you turn the Okaya app on.