Users’ F.A.Q

Can the APP be downloaded to computers/laptops, iPads, and/or other devices?
  • Okaya is available on any iOS devices.
  • Okaya is available on android phones and tables.
  • Okaya is NOT available on a computer/laptop at the moment.
When taking my “selfie” do I have to have certain lighting?
Yes, your face should be well-lit and visible.
How long does it take for the selfie to upload?
Based on your connection speed it may take up to a minute for your video to upload.
Do I have to take the video of my face at the same time every day?
  • We recommend taking the video at the same time each day.
  • We do not recommend taking more than 3 videos daily.
How do I record activities?

You have 2 options to record activities:

Can I take video of my face inside and outside?
  • As long as your face is well lit you can do it inside or outside.
  • Please remove your sunglasses if you are wearing them though!
  • Make sure it’s a relatively quiet spot so we can hear what you are saying.
Do you keep the videos after the recording?
It all depends on the sharing level you select. The simple answer is that unless you opt-in to retain the videos, we do not keep them.
Who do I contact if I have problems?
Best to send an email to: okayamobile at or directly send us a request from the app for faster processing.
Can I participate if I don’t have technical skills?
Absolutely! All you need to do is answer a few questions each day and a video.
If you know how to use your phone’s camera you are all set!
I missed the on-boarding webinar

Fear not ! here is the video.

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