Pricing Plan

Keeping things simple:  Get access to all our great features regardless of 
your organization’s size.

Perks & Benefits

Mobile app

Free access to our mobile app to gather data from your endusers and communicate with them.

Monitoring & alerting

Real-time monitoring & alerting of your end-user well-being levels, we help you keep better care of them.

API integration

Merge our data and intelligence with other tools, sensors, and platforms you are using.

Payments online

Simplify how your end-users interact with you and take payments online.*

Well-being community

Interact and benefit from our community of well-being professionals.

Stats and reporting

Get reports (both group and individual levels) and stats to see the latest wellbeing trends in your group.



Securely communicate with your group and individual users.  Stay compliant and keep them informed.

Answers to Your Questions

What is your refund policy?

When you create your account with Okaya you have a 30-days free trial.  Once this period is over you will be charged monthly and can opt to cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I take payment online?

You can take payments via the app.  There is a transaction fee that applies for credit card payments.  We do not charge our customers an additional fee. 

How do you handle data privacy?

Privacy is paramount to us. We have several mechanisms in place to protect you and your end-users. You can find out more about our policies here.

How long does it take to create an account?

Setting up your admin account will take less than five minutes.  As you as you are done you can invite your end-users to download the app and we’ll start collecting data right away.

Does the enduser app work on any platform?

At this time the app is available on iOS and Android.  You can access your administrative site from any web browser.

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