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Who are these new actors of wellbeing?

Today I’m not going to talk to you about new wellbeing businesses (which could be part of another blog post), but of a new generation of professionals who are turning their lives around and becoming wellbeing professionals.

Who is joining the ranks of wellbeing professions, such as Sophrology, Psychology, Sports coach, Yoga, Meditation? And why did they choose this professional path?
Most often they are people who were first patients themselves, often because they experienced burnout or were seeking meaning in their lives.
In my job as a COO of Okaya, I meet these new professionals, hear their stories,  and sometimes get to learn how their path can take unexpected turns.

Raphael, whom I met at Microsoft Ventures in Paris 5 years ago, was an entrepreneur and had the same vision of entrepreneurship as me. He wanted to be able to work on his project while traveling around the world. And it was while traveling in Asia that he began to take an interest in well-being. To finally stop entrepreneurship and become a yoga teacher. He lives in the US right now.


My former doctor/GP, lives in Paris and recently stopped his GP practice to focus on hypnosis. He finds more meaning in helping people and especially to having a real impact on the wellbeing of people that he couldn’t help as effectively when he was a GP. It surprised me that even as a doctor, in such a human-oriented profession, it didn’t find meaning.


Changing path to find a meaning

Lack of energy, self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness … Losing sight of the meaning of your work can take a thousand shapes. But what does it mean for someone to find meaning in their job? With wellbeing experts, their meaning is helping others.

What surprised me in these professionals reconversions, is that most of them changed path less than 3 years ago. Of course more people now communicate about their professions while searching for customers but there is a also real, ever growing, movement towards  wellbeing jobs.


Who are those who seek freedom?

For the professionals who established themselves in well-known fields such as  “psychologist, sports coach, nutritionist” there is also a real change taking place place to not only find a meaning but also freedom.
Freedom to move, to work from where you want, to choose your schedule…
This freedom is accessible today thanks to new technologies that allow us to operate online.

Jessica is a sports coach in the USA, spending half of her work time doing online consultations. Among her clients is a group of Australians. But she would like to one day do 100% remote=coaching to no longer have to be at a fixed location.


Same for Manon who is a nutritionist in France and dreams of traveling. However all her customers are in France. It is part of the 80% of professionals (whom we surveyed among all our Prokayas), who is strongly considering online consultations. (We’ll cover this topic soon as well).


And what about companies, what are the changes?


In just ten years, the world of work has been turned upside down: We’ve seen a revolution prompted by the digital opportunities that also led to a new questioning of the interactions and relationships between employees and their companies.

Wellbeing in business starts to enter certain structures: Having a gym in the building, a yoga teacher coming between noon and two, and even breathing programs that can be done from the office chair.
No need for an employee to be cut off from the world and especially the world of wellbeing.

The new generation of wellbeing professionals wants to find a meaning, a freedom, by helping people transform all over the world through the internet or directly at the workplace.


Let’s connect everyone to wellbeing!


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