We’re living in challenging times! Foremost of these challenges, is the fact that the physical connection is lost, which means that it will be difficult to properly interact with others for a while.
As many people turn to online tools for education and presentations, here is a video going over some technical and tactical considerations when teaching or presenting online.

0:18 – Internet Connectivity
0:53 – Connectivity tools
1:41 – Lighting
3:11 – Sit or stand?
4:03 – Screen Sharing
6:50 – Setting expectations
7:37 – Audio options and considerations
9:38 – Being a good host
10:09 – The power of mute
11:03 – Backgrounds (and changing backgrounds on Zoom)

Most of these tips apply regardless of the tool you are using. At the moment we are using Zoom for most of our meetings.

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