Transform your wellbeing

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Become your best you

Monitor your fatigue level

Take advantage of computer vision and get an unbiased analysis your fatigue. It only takes 15 seconds.

Stay ahead of burnout

Better understand and forecast your burnout risks so you can stay out of the danger zone.

Learn from your IoT data

Connect all your IoT data and get the right insights to live a better life.

Your are not alone

Improve your wellbeing

Get free recommendations from wellbeing pros based on your profile, goals, background, and location

Meet the right professionals

We connect you to the right pro based on your life goals, profile, and interests.

Discover new wellbeing approaches

Wellbeing takes many shapes.  Don’t restrict yourself and find the right pros and the right methods to help you live a better life.

Find your best pro

Meet experts from all over the world

It’s not because the perfect pro is living in another city that you should not be able to work with them. Schedule an online meeting.

Away from home, close to care

Get wellbeing assistance in your native language or keep in touch with people who can help you even when you are on the road.

Transform how you interact with a pro

Take control of your data

Decide which wellbeing information to share with a pro. The more they know about you, the faster they can help you.

Keep a connection with a pro

Change how you interact with a pro in between consultations. Get your questions answered and see your progress daily.

The power of Wellbeing micro-community

It may take several professionals to help you succeed in your wellbeing quest. We help you easily share and review how your data flows between each pro.

Simplifying costs

Wellbeing Wallet

Family, friends, and employers can fund your wellbeing wallet to help you reach your goals

Cost conscious professionals

When connecting you to a wellbeing pro, we can also help you pick based your personal situation.

And… It’s free!

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