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Athletes and the new normal

Athletes most often define themselves by their results. Regardless of re-opening plans, when competition will start again, or even when they’ll be able to come together with their teams, athletes are going to have to tackle many new challenges…

…and so are their coaches. We’re ready to help you!

Use data to optimize your decisions

Strengthen Relationships

Trust is a 2-way street.  We help you understand your athletes better so you give them more personalized recommendations and create a stronger bond.


Okaya’s technology uses biometrics, video, voice, and external data analysis. You can then use the analysis to better manage your team and help it grow.


Remote is the new normal.  As your athletes are not always near you, we give you the tools to better understand where they are at and how you can best assist them.

Save hours each week

Running a team should not run your life. We automate communications, and keep and eye on everyone’s energy levels and long-term wellbeing so you can focus on what matters most.


Privacy and Compliance

 Athlete’s data is important and should be handle securely and respectfully. Okaya focuses on protecting people’s privacy and security by following Hipaa and GDPR regulations.


Athletes always claim to be fine.  But we all know they are not.  By being a trusted third-party we can share insights you may not be aware of.

Performance Networks

It’s not because the perfect pro is living in another city that your team should not be able to work with them. We help you identify the right people to help you, share info with them, and even meet online if needed. Your own experts can also use our platform to better help your team.


Chances are you already use certain tools to track performance.  That’s great.  We can help you use this data in new ways to gain a bigger edge over the competition.

We’re ready to help you and your team

Okaya simplifies how you stay in touch with your team to make sure they are doing well mentally and physically, especially now that social distancing has made isolation more prevalent.

How we help:
• After setting up your account (which takes less than 5 minutes) you can deploy Okaya with all your team members.
• We will help them track their wellbeing levels. All they have to do is take a 15 second video selfie to check in with you. (we’ll have even simpler ways soon!)
• Based on the information they decide to share (privacy is our first concern), we can either alert you of individual issues or give you overall trends.
• We can also put them in touch with our existing network of wellbeing experts or, if you have your own, we can facilitate how information is shared between groups.

This is the right time to act, let’s work together to help your team succeed.

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