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Wellbeing intelligence, redefined.

Okaya's API helps you securely, easily, and accurately identify an individual's wellbeing issues as they arise.

How it works:

Using any browser and device, participants interact with our AI to share their current state of mind. Each session is uniquely tailored, building on previous exchanges for a personalized experience.

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Seamlessly Integrate Okaya with Your Business

Step 1: Kick-off and Access

Get started instantly by receiving immediate access to our dedicated Discord support channel. Set up your development environment effortlessly with our comprehensive guides and support resources.

Step 2: Development Environment Setup

Fully configure your development environment. Benefit from our intuitive tools and detailed documentation, designed to streamline your setup process.

Step 3: Ready for Production

Be production-ready in no time. Our robust integration support ensures a seamless transition from development to production, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Elevate Your Mental Health
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Ready to revolutionize your mental health services? Integrate Okaya's powerful API into your system today and unlock a world of possibilities!