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Add Mental Health Assessment as a Service to your platform

Okaya’s API based technology allows technology providers or medical organizations to easily add the ability to assess a patient's mental health state from a brief video interview.

Patients often move between the different states of emotional wellbeing - thriving, surviving, struggling, and crisis - depending on what’s happening in their lives. They don’t always have the best insight into those states and may struggle to convey changes to their clinicians.

Okaya’s breakthrough technology can be integrated into your current patient offerings to:

Differentiate your clinical offering
Embed objective AI mental health assessments
Reduce reliance on outdated patient questionnaires
Reduce unnecessary visits
Inform rapid triage to the right care
Drive engagement in the clinic and at home
Measure the impact of treatments through continuous monitoring
Flexibility to fit care pathways
Improve patient awareness of their current state

Elevate Your Mental Health
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Ready to revolutionize your mental health services? Integrate Okaya's powerful API into your system today and unlock a world of possibilities!