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Okaya’s API based technology can be easily added to an Employee/Employer Dashboard ( web or app ) to provide Individual Mental Health Performance Assessments.

If the mental health of your staff is critical to their ability to perform their jobs well, especially in mission critical situations,* then Okaya provides a tool to help assess ‘fit for duty’ type situations, as well as simply but effectively monitor team performance.

*situations in which poor mental health state of an individual could lead them to harm themselves or others

The addition of Okaya’s technology to your platform provides:

Insights into a team's mental fitness
Reduce mental health related absences
Improve a team's capacity to work productively
Build confidence and a sense of identity at work
Increase participation in employee benefits and support programs
Prove that you are serious about the S in ESG
Help employees gain awareness of their current state of mental health
Pinpoint and support employees that are struggling or in crisis
Highlight where to target & monitor the impact of employee wellness initiatives

Elevate Your Mental Health
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Ready to revolutionize your mental health services? Integrate Okaya's powerful API into your system today and unlock a world of possibilities!