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We believe that data should be the property of the end-users. 
To do so and foster privacy and security we follow these principles.

Think people first

We believe that data should be the property of the end-users. This seeming simple tenet has several consequences and upsides for our users:

  • Everything is opt-in. People have to decide which data they share and with whom. This step gives agency, and responsibility, to the end-users. It is also a way to make sure we avoid any data being shared without consent.
  • We do not sell personal data. Or trade, or exchange. In other words, end-users will not be pitched products based on their profiles from companies they have no relationship with or have requested information from.
  • You control your data. When we receive a request to delete an account, all data and personalized identifiers are removed from our environment.

Be compliant

  • We follow different standards and regulations to keep our data compliant. Specifically, we consider GDPR, Hipaa, and Ferpa as part of the standards we aim for.
  • We believe that using GDPR standards also reinforces the privacy and security of our US based customers and their end-users.
  • In certain cases where we facilitate a payment or financial transaction, we comply to PCI requirements and all the transactions are done via Stripe, which acts as our credit-card clearing house system.


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