Mental Health
Mission Outcomes

If your team members  are not at the top of their game, not only do they risk their own well being, but they potentially could bring harm to others as well. Your mission outcomes depend on them.

How does it work?

  1. Your team members record video selfies on a separate, secured, platform
  2. Our AI looks for signs of Mental Health risk and fatigue markers
  3. You can receive real-time, anonymized, views of your team’s situation
  4. We can automatically trigger access and alerts based on someone’s levels

Increase Mission Success’ Odds


Of mental health diagnostics are wrong


Individulas who master mental health live a happier, healthier life.

  • Fatigue and mental health issues have been shown to impair cognitive function, reduce productivity, and increase the risk of accidents and injuries, making them critical factors to address in high-stake missions.
  • Neglecting mental health concerns among personnel can result in absenteeism, high turnover, and diminished morale, causing detrimental consequences throughout the organization and compromising its ability to perform at its best.
  • In addition to the financial implications associated with mental health-related absences and turnover, organizations that disregard employee mental health may face legal and reputational risks that can impact their operations.
  • By prioritizing mental health in the context of high-stake missions, organizations can create a culture that emphasizes safety and well-being, leading to higher levels of employee engagement, improved retention, and increased productivity and innovation.
  • Investing in mental health not only benefits individuals but also enables organizations to function more effectively and sustainably in the long term, enhancing their reputation and competitive edge in sectors where human error can have severe consequences.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in high-stake missions is paramount for organizations operating in fields such as nationial defense and the aviation industry.

Workplace accidents in these contexts can have severe consequences, leading to substantial financial costs and productivity losses.

Fatigue and mental health concerns are often overlooked and stigmatized within these industries, making them challenging to identify and address effectively. This situation can foster hazardous situations.

Introducing Okaya’s flexible Mental Health Assessment as a Service (MHAaaS) capability. It provides a solution specifically tailored to address employee fatigue and mental health concerns. This AI-enhanced safety tool seamlessly integrates into existing Apps and Workflows, empowering organizations to proactively manage these critical issues.

By implementing Okaya’s MHAaaS, organizations can establish daily check-ins and automated alerts to promptly detect and manage stress and other mental health issues. Moreover, senior leadership can receive flags and notifications that can be escalated to mental health professionals for immediate follow-up in critical situations.

The use of Okaya promotes a culture of openness and support, reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and well-being within these industries.

The aggregated and anonymized data collected by Okaya’s system enables organizations to identify potential stressors and negative trends, empowering them to take proactive measures to create safer and more supportive workplaces. This data-driven approach enhances mission outcomes.

We’re a Privacy-first platform

Privacy is our most important concern.

We understand that taking a video can be a little nerve-wracking. Our end-users’ privacy and security are our top priority. To make it simple, we do not sell, share, trade data in any way, shape, or form, with anyone else. If you’d like to learn more about our approach you can read more on our privacy page.

We follow, Hipaa, GDPR, and best practices to ensure that people are respected and treated with care.

We also provide the end-users an audit trail of who has accessed their data.

And because we are an API-first company we can also fit within your own safety and privacy standards to make sure that mental health is used as a change agent for good and longer stigmatized as something that can be used against a person.

About Okaya

Okaya is a mental health software startup focused on improving the accuracy of wellbeing diagnostics. Our assessment-as-a-service platform helps businesses, organizations, and government entities to securely and accurately identify mental health issues before they impact mission critical systems .

Okaya’s API, driven by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning, identifies facial and biometric markers that can detect early signs of mental fatigue or other negative well being cues.

At Okaya, we believe early detection and support can help individuals manage their mental health and live happier, healthier, more productive lives, at home and at work. Okaya is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with team members around the world.