Build a better practice

Use data to transform how you interact with your customers.

Science-based data analysis

Computer vision

We give you access to computer vision (a simple video selfie) and voice analysis to better assess how your customers are doing.
Want to learn more about the science being it?

Track and measure Biometrics

We collect so much information about ourselves now-a-days but very few people actually do anything with this data. When using Okaya your customers can share this information with you so you get a true 360-degrees view of how they are doing and what is really holding them back in their lives.

Create a bond

Understand your client better

Your client is a whole person. The better you know them, the better your diagnostic, and the better the outcome. With Okaya, you have a 24*7 assistant who can help you evaluate how your client is doing and progressing.

Free up at least 5 hours in your week

Regardless of practices, all our pros recognize that patient follow-up is a huge time consumer and prevents them from growing their practice. Okaya brings intelligence and data-analysis to change how follow-ups are done. What do you with this free time is up to you!

Simpler accountability

50% of patients do not follow recommendations and quickly forget what you told them. This impacts their outcomes and hurts your practice. On the Okaya app we’ve simplified how people can track their wellbeing, share this information with you, and get the relevant reminders needed to improve their wellness.

Belong to a community of Care

Find new patients worldwide

It’s not just about getting more patients but getting the right ones. Okaya helps identify the best patients <-> providers relationships based on our algorithm and analysis.

Build a virtual team

Sometimes the best way to help a client is to collaborate with other professionals to maximize impact. Sharing information and finding the right pros to collaborate with can be challenging. Okaya changes this status-quo. You can now discover, connect, and succeed with other professionals who share your values.

Grow and share your knowledge

We can all learn from each other and with different practices and geographies come better ways to care for a client. When you join Okaya you also join a community you can rely on.

Improve your wellbeing

Care-providers are 50% more likely to get ill. That’s the tough consequence of helping people live better lives. Via the Okaya platform and community, you can reach your peak performance. Every day. While protecting yourself from care-giver fatigue

Enrich your patients' data

Big Data and forecasting

People collect tons of biometric data about themselves. Securely, and privately, we help you learn from this data to create better outcomes. Okaya never collects or sells data, it is strictly for your Professional Wellbeing’s help.

A Smart wellbeing profile

Use our platform to see how your treatment helps your clients. Bonus, we help them realize that they are doing better thanks to you!

Showcase your experience

A new outlook on provider’s profile

Create content on Okaya to not only showcase your skills but also to find better customers who are aligned with your competencies and outlook. We can help you broadcast your content on new media so you reach people when they are ready to listen.

Mind your liabilities

Waivers and online forms are core to any practice now-a-days but are difficult to properly manage and keep track of. Okaya can automate this process so you and your team can focus on being productive and helping your clients succeed.

Reach your customers the right way

New delivery methods

How we communicate with each other is constantly evolving. When using Okaya you can not only reach your customers via the app but also interact with them on new personal assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby.
Your practice will be more competitive and will create a stronger relationship with your customer this way.
And the best part? You do not have anything to do to make it happen. Okaya does all the heavy lifting for you.

Answers to Your Questions

When will you go live?

Okaya is currently in private beta.

Why should I subscribe now

Think of it as a crowdfunding opportunity…with Benefits!
When you subscribe now, you get a much lower rate than what we will charge when we go live.
We also give you many benefits that we will eventually charge for.
And of course, you can already start to interact with our community of pros and experts to further your practice. 

What is your refund policy?

It’s super simple:
+ Once the trial period is over and we start charging you, you can cancel your account at any time.

I want to subscribe now, how long will my account be valid?

After your trial period we charge you to access Okaya. As long as your account is in good standing, you can keep using the platform.

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