Transform your patients’ wellbeing

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Create a bond with your patient

Understand your patient better

keep caring for your patient even in-between meetings to better understand them and their troubles.

Save at least 5 hours a week

Our platform brings a more effective, and intelligent, approach to patient follow-up and care.
You can focus on patient-outcome while we do the heavy lifting.

Belong to a community of Care

Find new patients worldwide

It’s not just about getting more patients but also getting the right ones. Okaya helps identify the best patients <-> providers relationships based on our algorithm and analysis.

Build the right team

Sometimes it takes a team to treat a patient properly. We help you improve the patient outcome by letting you discover and connect with other professionals who share your values and goals.

Grow and share your skills

We can all learn from each other and with different practices and geographies come better ways to care for a patient. When you join Okaya you also join a community you can rely on.

Improve your wellbeing

Caring for others is not simple. Via our platform and community, we want to help you reach your peak performance. Every day.

Enrich your patients’ data

Big Data and forecasting

People collect tons of biometric data about themselves. Securely, and privately, we help you learn from this data to create better patient outcomes.

A Smart wellbeing profile

Use our platform to see how your treatment helps your patient. Bonus, we help your patient realize that they are doing better thanks to you!

Showcase your experience

A new outlook on profile

Create content on Okaya to not only showcase your skills but also to find better customers who are aligned with your competencies and outlook.

Stay safe

We help you properly manage your waivers and online forms so you and your team can focus on being productive and helping your patients succeed.


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When will you go live?
Okaya is currently in private beta. We will be live by September 1st 2019

Why should I subscribe now
Think of it as a crowdfunding opportunity…with Benefits!
When you subscribe now, you get a much lower rate than what we will charge in September.
If you decide to, you can also get early access to the platform so you can already start to improve your patients’ outcome.
And of course, you can already start to interact with our community of pros and experts to further your practice.

What is your refund policy?
It’s super simple:
+ If you are an early subscriber you can get a full refund the month after Okaya goes live.
+ For professionals who subscribe once we are live, you will have a 30-days money back and can cancel your account at any time.

I want to subscribe now, how long will my account be valid?
Our early subscribers get a full-year from the time we go live. So if you pay for your account in May, you will only be charged for 12 months but will have an active account until September 2020.
I have another question
No problem! See the little orange circle at the bottom right of the screen? Click on it and ask us your question. Someone from the team will respond to you right away.